Apparently: Hello

Hello and warm greetings from North Yorkshire, where I now live. Yorkshire people frequently refer to their home territory as 'God's Own County'. Which to me - a Leicestershire 'woolly-back' - naturally begs the question, 'What might be Satan's?' Essex?

Not being Yorkshire born and bred and, by default, not thick in t'arm and hopefully similarly slender in t'ead, 'God's Own County' is just the sort of strange claim that immediately sets me considering the extended implications. Is the claim a 'Holy Trinity' sort of thing'? Perhaps so - Yorkshire nowadays being three entities in one: North, South and West. (Of these, I suspect South Yorkshire would be the Holy Ghost, being the least Northern and therefore less solid and more see-through than the other two.)

Why the East Riding of Yorkshire does not have its own county remains to me a mystery. There is of course such a thing as Humberside - though that sounds oddly like a crime category beloved of the writers of police TV dramas. 'Charge him with three counts of slattery and one of Humberside.'

With my 'Apparently...' hat on, the following descriptions for other English counties spring to mind: Lancashire - Dodd's Own County; East Sussex - Mods' Own County, Toyland - Nod's Own County. And there the trail runs cold. Stretching the idea a little, perhaps we could call Grimsby 'Cod's Own City', but then I'm not sure it does have city status. Another cartoon idea bites the dust....