James Naughtie's Guilty Pleasure

Radio Four's coverage of the Royal Wedding has been hilarious, more for the uncomfortable, embarrassed tone of the presenters than for the content. Highlight so far has been James Naughtie's 'throw' to Jonathan 'Aggers' Agnew, slumming it amongst a crowd of onlookers outside the Abbey. I don't know if Aggers has kids of his own, but any chance of a Christmas job as a department store Santa has probably evaporated after demonstrating his sensitive way with juveniles. Interviewing a small child in the crowd, Aggers asks: 'And why are you here today?' Small child: 'Not sure,' followed by a long pause. Aggers: 'Oh, he's dried. That's no good.' Undeterred Aggers then moves onwards to quiz another hapless member of the public, a grown-up this time. Same question, 'Why are you here today?' Another slight pause, then the hesitant response: 'I was made to come.' Two cheers for the happy couple!