The Eco-Worrier's Guide was a series of colour cartoons that I wrote and drew for an organisation called BASSAC, having had the great good fortune to find myself living just a few doors away from one of its staff.

BASSAC produced a web-based magazine called
Green Gauge that went out to community groups across the country as part of a national initiative called Every Action Counts. The aim was to encourage people to act in an environmentally-responsible way: saving water, turning off lights, using a wind-up kettle, giving mouth-to-mouth to badgers. Those sorts of things.

I produced one cartoon a month for the duration of the project and they proved so popular that they were turned into packs of postcards as well as being blown-up into posters for use in instructing project workers.

It was a treat to once again be producing colour cartoons after my five year stint on
Time Out London's Around Town pages, as well as being given a pretty free rein within the briefs of the project.

Some of my favourites are shown on this page.

The final frame of this cartoon depicts Jo, my former neighbour and fledgling poultry tycoon.

This cartoon had to be censored before it could be shared with the world. The chest of the woman in the green car was covered with a book of maps, if I recall correctly.

At the end of the project, I was also invited to produce scripts and drawings for some short films that were produced for the BTCV by Ed Cartledge of Sheffield-based Sort Of Films. You can view them on YouTube or through the Daily Motion video site.

One of them, about travel, you can find
here. One about, shopping, you can find here. The film about the environment is here.

A fourth, about saving resources, is
here. A final film - about saving energy - is here.

The animation is one step up from a flick book but they cost peanuts to make and were fun to do.