A Little Poke In Your Ear was the title of my first home-recorded CD, 'poke' being the term I invented to describe my own individual blend of 'poetry' and 'folk'.

Realising that I could use Garageband on my iMac to record and mix my own music was a revelation. I even use the built-in mic, which makes up for in convenience and spontaneity what it adds in the way of extraneous hum and noise.

I've loved the music of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band ever since watching them as a kid on the cult TV programme
Do Not Adjust Your Set. The Bonzos remain a big influence. To which I have also added Ivor Cutler, Slim Gaillard, Spike Jones, Ken Nordine, Spike Milligan, Ogden Nash, Edward Lear and others.

NOTE: The ukulele used on some of these tracks was bright pink. (It still is.) The melodeon was held together with paperclips.

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