SWAT!: A Fly's Guide to Staying Alive is my exciting new children's picture book, published by Brambleby Books in April 2013.

You can see more details of the book - as well as buy a copy -

SWAT! is a very funny, fully illustrated survival manual for flies! It tells the story of Buzzter, a just hatched housefly, who is given good advice by another fly
(Professor Hector Halfbottle) on how to avoid the many perils out there for flies in the big wide world.

These include fish, frogs, plants, birds, spiders (of course) and - their biggest enemy - humans! (YOU and ME!)

There are lots of jokes, but the book also has a mountain of proper facts in it, and you can learn all about such exciting subjects as vicious Venus Flytraps, the super-deadly Archer Fish, and the doubly deadly Praying Mantis!

You'll also meet the far-from-super SuperFly!

Here is an early review courtesy of Grace, who is nine years old and already a big fan! (And a budding artist!)


To accompany SWAT! there will also be a one man show - written and presented by me - in my wonderful huge human housefly costume! Here is a picture:
mike fly head
In my costume I have already made many public appearances, getting my own back on horrid humans by swatting them with my giant flyswat! Here is me at the Royal Entomological Society's Insect festival in York, 2013:
mike fly if
(Thanks to Anneliese Emmans Dean for the photo!)
I also appeared at the Thirsk White Rose Bookshop's family fun day -
-and helped launch this year's Summer Reading Challenge at the Explore York library in York!
Thanks to Bob for swatting me!
And there are two free events as part of the Reading Challenge coming up in August! Hope to see you there!
For details of my SWAT! show - perfect for KS2 science, with lots of insect biology, fly facts and JOKES! - please get in touch via the contact page on this site!