Send a friend some fun!

Posterbles are my uniquely entertaining and eminently affordable alternative to postcards. Just £2 each plus P & P, you can order them from me directly here.


Posterble is a folded A3 sheet of quality heavyweight paper printed on both sides with a themed mixture of my poetry, prose and drawings. To this the sender adds their own embellishments and posts it off to a friend or loved one in the crisp white envelope provided. The inside of each Posterble forms an attractive and hilarious poster that can then be displayed at home or at work.

There are four
Posterbles available at present.


Posterble No. 1: The Kilburn White Horse A fact-filled sheet about North Yorkshire’s iconic equine emblem. Complete with my own epic ballad The Eye of the Horse and a useful veterinary guide to the hill-figure’s anatomy.


Posterble No. 2: Love A light-hearted lover’s guide, full of ardent artwork and passionate poems.


The other
Posterbles are:


Posterble No. 3: Cakes A sweet treat, guaranteed non-fattening.


Posterble No. 4: Old Roper’s Guide to Impractical Dogs A long overdue riposte to Eliot’s Practical Cats. Includes the Broader Collie, the Olden Retriever, the Cardboard Boxer, the Jean Jacques Rousseau Terrier (pictured), and others.


All these
Posterbles can be ordered directly here.